Von Hamos Spectrometer

The standard configuration of the von Hamos spectrometer can accommodate 16 crystals, each positioned by three actuators, providing a total number of 48 motors.

The actuators are connected to the crystal holders in a kinematic setup, and each crystal is easily exchanged by a magnetic snap-on mounting.

This is in particular useful for experiments that requires to different crystal orientations e.g. Si(111) and Si(220) as in the publication of A. M. March et. al. in J. Phys. Chem. C 2017, 121, 2620−2626 that utilizes the JJ X-Ray von Hamos spectrometer.

The spectrometers can be delivered with or without crystals and with or without motor controllers or drives.

Key Facts
Crystal size 110 x 30 mm2
Mechanical actuator resolution 0.275 µm/step
Horizontal angular resolution 4.04 µrad/step
Vertical angular resolution 12.5 µrad/step
Linear actuator stroke 20 mm

Reduced size von Hamos  

The von Hamos spectrometer can be configured in many different setups. Examples are 4 x 1 single row configuration or a 2 x 2 configuration.

6 axes support for the von Hamos spectrometer

To support the von Hamos spectrometer we have designed a stage with six degrees of freedom (three rotation and three linear).

The 6-axes stage for the von Hamos spectrometer installed at the FXE beamline at the European XFEL.