Spectrum Analyzer

The Spectrum Analyzer is used to measure the wavelength spectrum from single shots of the x-ray beam. This is achieved by diffracting a small portion of beam intensity through a grating. The diffracted beam from the grating passes through a curved single crystal. The curvature of the crystal will generate a dispersive beam distributing the wavelength band over an angular interval. The distributed radiation is collected by a Gotthard detector to an adjustable 2-theta scattering angle.

Design Features:

  • Custom curved single crystal material and size (e.g. Si 111, Ge 110)
  • Water cooled crystal
Key Facts
Crystal Position Range                           (Beam path at Z-axis)  
Crystal theta rotation 65 degrees
X-axis (crystal in and out) 165 mm (4 crystals at 40 mm gap)
Y-axis (vertical) +/- 3 mm
Detector Positioning  
X-axis +/- 50 mm
2-theta rotation 130 degrees
Overall Dimensions  
Length (X-axis) 1000 mm
Width (Z-axis, along the beam) 650 mm
Height (2-theta arm at 90 deg) 1500 mm (2-theta arm = 1 m radius)