The Multi-CRL is a Multi-foci Compound Refractive Lens system for high vacuum or ultra high vacuum applications. The CRL solution matches the versatility required for most modern day synchrotron beamlines. The product is ideal for an energy tuneable beamline, in which one day you may wish for five lenses for optimal performance, and the next you may wish for 17.

Similar to binary filter systems allowing for a very large filter thickness with a few insertion modules, the Multi-CRL consists of insertion modules with different numbers of lenses in each module (or even with different lens materials).

With three insertion modules, one could for example have any number of lenses from 0 to 7 inserted into the beam. In this way, the user is ensured the maximum amount of versatility for the minimum cost.

Each insertion module contains an externally located driving motor with a magnetic feed-through (no motors inside the vacuum) and high precision rails for the lens holders to rest on when inserted.

In this way, we ensure accurate position and long term usability.

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