Our YZ-Stage is a stiff, heavy load, high precision stage.

The very precise motion and high stiffness comply with the tension from vacuum bellows and enable the stage to move beamline components at very high precision levels.

Key Facts of YZ-Stages
Motion range Z: 12 mm
Y: 15 mm 
Accuracy ± 2 micron (over 2 mm)
± 4 micron (over 10 mm)
Resolution Z: 0.1 micron per full step
Y: 0.1 micron per full step
Repeatability ± 1.0 micron (unidirectional)
Angular error ± 35 µrad Pitch, Yaw and Roll
(rotation around all axes)
Linear stiffness Kx: < 0.4 µm/N
Ky: < 0.4 µm/N
Kz: < 0.1 µm/N
Angular stiffness Kcx: < 8 µradian/Nm
Kcy: < 8 µradian/Nm
Kcz: < 8 µradian/Nm
Load capacity ~35 kg for high precision movement (specified)
>75 kg with fine precision

We are able to design and produce the specific stages that will suit your requirements.

You will find more details about the individual stages by clicking on the individual stages in the menu to your left.