Heavy Load Table

JJ X-Ray develops customized heavy load lifting stages due to increasing demands of high precision positioning combined with heavy load instrumentation in neutron and x-ray facilities. The lifting motion is achieved by four high precision screw jacks. The screw jack is driven by a flexible coupling that is connected to a gearbox and a stepper motor at the center. The synchronized lifting motion of the system is achieved through two identical gear boxes connected to both ends of the stepper motor’s spindle. The heavy load lifting stages are intended for heavy load applications to lift a single and/or a combination of instruments.

Design Features:

  • Extreme load capacities, ranging from 500 kg to 5000 kg load according to customer requirements
  • Self-locking lead screw allowing in-position stability
  • Small footprint and customizable support base according to customer requirements
  • Lifting motion is achieved by one stepper motor – cost efficient
  • Flexible coupling motion transmission allows efficient transmission and no wear and tear contrary to belt transmission
Key Facts
Range/stroke Upon customer request
Load capacity 500 kg to 5000 kg
Accuracy 10 µm*
Repeatability µm*
Motion speed 0.8 mm/s*
Parasitic Motion (Pitch and Roll) 1.5 µrad/mm*
Linear encoder Optional

*The values were obtained by motion tests at 50 mm range with 500 kg load in Open Loop operation, meaning that the motor’s position is commanded to move and stop at the nominal target positions without any feedback from a position sensor. By conducting the test in Open Loop, stepper motor failures which most likely go undetected in Closed Loop operation are easily identified.