5 Axis Alignment Stage

The 5-axis alignment stage makes it ideal for alignment of optical systems such as Compound Refractive Lens (CRL) systems (see drawing below). The 5-axis refer to the degrees of freedom namely pitch, yaw, X, Y, and Z-axis (beam path). The stage is divided into three (3) sub-stages, i.e. bottom (Z-axis), middle (X-axis, Y-axis, and yaw) and top (pitch). These sub-stages are usually assembled together as a set, but they are independent sub-stages which can be separated depending on customer’s requirement. The Z-axis is located at the bottom part of the stage. This has the longest travel range suitable to adjust the position of the instrument along the beam direction. The X-axis, Y-axis and yaw are on top of the Z-axis stage. The top stage is the pitch alignment stage and is directly mounted onto a plate that moves along the X-axis, Y-axis and yaw.

Design Features:

  • Pitch, Yaw, X, Y, and Z axis
  • Loads up to 300 kg
  • Custom mounting options

Key Facts
Travel Ranges  
X +/- 20 mm
Y +/- 11 mm
Z +/- 300 mm
Pitch +/- 2 degrees
Yaw +/- 2 degrees
X 0.28 um/step
Y 0.066 um/step
Z 0.71 um/step
Pitch 0.6 millidegree/step
Yaw 0.06 millidegree/step
Overall Dimensions  
Length 1150 mm
Width 450 mm
Height 370 mm