This slit features an 80 mm x 80 mm aperture and a slit housing compatible with vacuum (10-5 mbar) application of the slit.

As with our IB-C80-AIR slit, this slit features four individually movable blades providing a large 80 mm x 80 mm opening with fully overlapping blades.

Special measures have been taken to insure that the forces generated by the vacuum do not adversely affect the operation and precision of the blade motion.

For standard synchrotron application, we provide tungsten carbide blades. For neutron applications, the customer will often provide their own blades, or we will provide B4C blades. A maximum blade thickness of 20 mm can be accommodated without altering the slit system.

A slim version of IB-C80-HV is also available (reduced legth in beam direction: 99 mm instead of 114 mm).

Key Facts of IB-C80-HV
Aperture size Maximum: 80 mm x 80 mm
Minimum: Full overlap
Resolution 1 micron per full step
Accuracy ± 10 micron over full range
± 1 micron or better with encoders
Vacuum O-ring sealed, high vacuum 10-5 mbar, low outgassing materials
Mechanical dimension 341 mm x 341 mm x 118 mm
268 mm x 268 mm x 114 mm (housing only)
Common options Blade options: 2, 4, 5, 10 or 20 mm.
Motors: Custom high resolution stepping motors, including IMS motors
Encoders: Back-axle rotary encoders or internal Renishaw linear encoders
Connectors: Adaptors to other flanges can be provided
Special preparation for enabling vacuum <10-6 mbar       Internal wiring of Kapton or wiring with Teflon insulation

For further product information, you can download technical specifications, technical drawings, wiring and connector possibilities, manuals and 3D files below.