The JJ X-Ray AT-C30-HV slit was developed for applications where relatively large apertures (up to 30 mm x 30 mm), and/or highly accurate slit-scans are required. The AT-C30 is therefore an optimum solution for customers with a need for blade motions similar to those of the standard AT-F7-HV slit, who have found the 7 mm opening too small.

The slit system holds four motors that set the position and the opening of the aperture. For each dimension, one motor defines the aperture opening and another determines the position of the aperture. Due to the fact that only one motor is moved during a one-dimensional scan, the AT-C30-HV is the optimum choice for high precision scans with a fixed and relatively large aperture.

The blades can be installed in two configurations, either providing a curved surface of radius 16 mm or providing a knife-edge sloping at 0.5 degrees. Standard blades are polished to obtain a roughness better than 25 nm RMS.

In its basic configuration, the AT-C30-HV slit is delivered with a flange-opening and tightening bolts to allow connection with KF-40 flanges.

Key Facts of AT-C30-HV
Aperture size Maximum: 30 mm x 30 mm
Minimum: Full Overlap
Resolution 1 micron per full step
Accuracy ± 2 micron (over 3 mm)
Vacuum O-ring sealed, high vacuum 10-5 mbar, low outgassing materials
Mechanical dimension 239 mm x 239 mm x 68 mm
184 mm x 184 mm x 64 mm (housing only)
Standard blades 2 mm thick tungsten carbide blades which can be mounted either with a 0.5 degrees knife-edge or a R16 radius edge
Common options

Blade options: 4, 5, 10 mm, other blade materials
Motors: Custom high resolution stepping motors, including IMS motors
Encoders: Back-axle rotary encoders
Connectors: Adaptors to other KF (NW) flanges or CF flanges can be provided
Special preparation for enabling vacuum <10-6 mbar        Internal wiring of Kapton or wiring with Teflon insulation

For further product information, you can download technical specifications, technical drawings, wiring and connector possibilities, manuals and 3D files below.