Multiple Pinhole – MP10-HV

The Multible Pinhole MP10-HV is developed for applications where up to ten pinholes of different sizes are preferred over rectangular apertures or where there is a need to employ filters of different thicknesses at different times.

The motorized XY-stage moves a plate which can be configured to the customer’s specification. This plate design also allows for exchanging pinholes.

The plate can be moved 55 mm horizontally and 20 mm vertically. This is usually enough for 2 rows of pinholes or filters. These plates are controlled by a high-precision guiding rail system and high-resolution stepping motors.

In its basic configuration, the MP10-HV is delivered with a flange-opening and tightening bolts to allow connection with KF-40 flanges.

Key Facts of MP10-HV
Aperture size To be defined by customer
Minimum: Full overlap
Resolution 1 micron per full step
Accuracy ± 2 micron (over 3 mm)
Vacuum O-ring sealed, high vacuum 10-5 mbar, low outgassing materials
Mechanical dimension 246 mm x 190 mm x 66 mm
180 mm x 124 mm x 62 mm (housing only)
Pinholes Defined by customer
Common options

Motors: Custom high resolution stepping motors, including IMS motors
Encoders: Back-axle rotary encoders
Connectors: Adaptors to other KF (NW) flanges or CF flanges can be provided