The AT-F7-AIR is ideal for high precision scans with a fixed aperture. AT-F7-AIR is part of the ESRF-Type X-RAY slit family and was originally designed and developed by ESRF engineers and scientists to address the need for compact, reliable, high-precision slits with sub-micron resolution. The design is now licensed to JJ X-Ray.

The slit system holds four motors which set the position and the opening of the aperture. For each dimension, one motor defines the aperture opening and another determines the position of the aperture. Due to the fact that only one motor is moved during a one-dimensional scan, the AT-F7-AIR is the optimum choice for high precision scans with a fixed aperture.

A special feature of the AT-F7-HV and AT-F7-AIR slit systems are their flexible positioning of their 7mmx7mm aperture due to a total translation travel range of 14 mm.

Key Facts of AT-F7-AIR
Aperture size Maximum: 7 mm x 7 mm
Minimum: Full overlap 
Resolution Aperture: 0.813 micron per full step
Translation: 0.322 micron per full step
Accuracy ± 3 micron (over 3 mm)
Mechanical dimension 113 mm x 113 mm x 45 mm
Standard blades 2 mm thick tungsten carbide blades with a 2 degrees knife-edge profile
Common options Blade options: 4, 5, 10 mm, other blade materials
Vacuum Preparation: Possible down to 10-5 mbar for use inside larger vacuum chamber
Gimble: For aligning blade angle in beam (relevant for rectangular blades)

For further product information, you can download technical specifications, technical drawings, wiring and connector possibilities, manuals and 3D files below.

For use inside a chamber, please read the article about Vacuum Properties of JJ X-Ray Slit Systems.