JJ X-Ray Slit Systems

During the last couple of years, the demand for specialized slits has pushed our product portfolio to a point where the classic JJ X-Ray Type 3 slit (now IB-C30-HV) and the much smaller ESRF slits (now AT-F7-AIR and AF-F7-HV) no longer fully describe our product portfolio. As a result, we have decided to reclassify our slit products.

As all our slits have micron-resolution and near-micron repeatability, the following subcategories will in general be sufficient to classify and abbreviate our slits:

  • Blade motion: Individual Blades (IB) or Aperture Translation (AT)
  • Position of Aperture in slit body: Centered (C), Off-Center (F), Asymmetric (A)
  • Maximum Aperture Opening in mm
  • Slit Operation: In air (AIR), in high vacuum (HV) or in ultra-high vacuum (UHV)

Using this naming convention our slits are named according to the following system: Part number builder:

E.g. IB-C30-AIR, AT-F7-HV and IB-C80-AIR.

As specified in the detailed product description, these slits can be customized in various ways, for example by choosing custom blade materials, thicknesses and geometries, choosing various encoder schemes, choosing various mechanical mounting and connection options or choosing only two blade slits as opposed to four blade slits.

You will get more details about our various slit systems by clicking on different slit systems in the menu to your left. And in our slit catalogue, you can have a quick overview of the large variety of JJ slit systems.