Facilities and Equipment

Cleaning and Degreasing of Machined Parts

High-pressure Cleaner: The high-pressure cleaner is used to remove coarse contaminations before the parts are washed with a suitable detergent.

UHV Washing Machine: Smaller UHV parts are cleaned in a laboratory washing machine using Neodisher® detergent and DI water for rinsing.

Ultrasonic Bath: As an alternative to the UHV washing machine we may utilize our ultrasonic bath with DI water.

Cleanroom: The cleanliness of our Clean Room is maintained at ISO5.

Baking: One of the last steps in the manufacturing process of our UHV products is the bake-out. Bake-out significantly increases desorption and diffusion rates, and this produces significantly shorter pumping times.

Measurement Equipment

Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine FaroArm: The FaroArm portable coordinate measuring machine (PCMM) allows easy verification of our product quality. For our fiducialised products the metrology is conducted using the FaroArm. The positions of the fiducial points are mapped out to within 10 micron.

Roughness Measuring Instrument MarSurf PS1: The MarSurf PS1 is a compact roughness measuring instrument for mobile use under shopfloor conditions. The maximum measuring range is   350micron ranging from -200micron  to  +150micron.

Precision Inclination Sensor Leica Nivel210: The Leica Nivel210 is ideal for quantification of inclinations about a horizontal axis. The measuring range is up to 6 mrad with a 1microrad resolution and down to 4.7 microrad accuracy.

Laser Interferometer System Renishaw ML10: The laser interferometer may be utilized for either linear or angular measurements. The range of a linear measurement can extend up to 40 m with 1 nm resolution and an accuracy of ±0.7 ppm (parts per million). For a total beam path of 50 cm the accuracy is 35 nm. The range of an angular measurement is up to ±10 deg with 0.01 arc sec resolution (0.05microrad). The angular accuracy amounts to approximately 0.6% of the measured angle.

Thermocouple Data Logger: The TC-08 thermocouple data logger is designed to measure a wide range of temperatures using any thermocouple that has a miniature thermocouple connector. All popular types of thermocouple are supported, allowing an effective temperature range of -270 °C to +1820 °C  (the actual temperature range depends on the thermocouple being used).

Encoder Interfaces: We have encoder interfaces for reading many different types of encoders, both incremental and absolute. Examples include Renishaw's optical (TONiC, RGH, RESOLUTE) and magnetic (LMA) digital encoders.

Equipment for Vacuum System Tests

Helium Leak Detection: Helium leak detection is the ideal solution to determine the vacuum tightness of a large vacuum chamber. Our leak detection system identifies the location and relative magnitude of a leak down to <1e-9 x mbar x l /sec

Residual Gas Analysis: Our UHV products are assembled in the hydrocarbon-free environment of our ISO5 clean room. The absence of contamination is documented by a residual gas analysis (RGA). The test procedure is performed and documented twice with the same parameters: the pumping system itself and with the component to be tested attached.

Pressure Test of Cooling Water Circuits: Every water-cooled device undergoes a pressure test prior to installation.