Neutron Soller Collimator

The JJ X-Ray Neutron Soller Collimators are based on the standard well-proven collimator designs that have been around even before the founding of JJ X-Ray.

Most of the Soller Collimators find application in intermediate radiation environments in which mostly gadolinium oxide coated PETP foils are used.

For further details, please see examples in our collimator catalogue

Key Facts Neutron Soller Collimator
Aperture size                Customized
Collimation Any collimation down to 0.5 mrad (1.7’)
Foils 80-125 µm thick Gadolinium Oxide or Boron-10 coated PETP or Kapton Foil
Spacers Aluminum or stainless steel with thickness determined by collimation requirements
Covers Open apertures are delivered with thin protective Aluminum covers
Common options Foil material can also be polyimide, aluminum or stainless steel.
Coatings can be various alternative materials.
Frame may be coated with absorbing material.
Vacuum compatible parts and coatings can be furnished.
Extra dense foil coatings may be furnished for lower resolution collimators to limit "cross-talk“.
Non-magnetic materials.
Vacuum shroud with kapton window.
Vacuum tube.