Neutron Radial Collimator

Among our large variety of radial collimators, you will find circle collimators with a more rough collimation as well as fine small-angled systems.

Many radial collimators are used inside vacuum vessels and are produced with vacuum compatible parts and coating. Several examples can be seen in our collimator catalogue.

In addition, we have designs for stepped radial collimation systems in which a large number of soller collimators are positioned radially around a sample.

For further details, please click on the design parameters.

Key Facts Neutron Radial Collimator
Angular range               Up to 360 degrees (support columns will block some angles)
Aperture size Customized
Angle between foils From 0.25 degrees to several degrees
Foils 80-125 µm thick Gadolinium Oxide or Boron-10 coated PETP or Kapton Foil
Spacers Aluminum with thickness determined by collimation requirements
Covers Open apertures are delivered with thin protective aluminum covers
Common options Coatings can be various alternative materials.
Frame may be coated with absorbing material.
Vacuum compatible parts and coatings can be furnished.
Extra dense foil coatings may be furnished for lower resolution collimators to limit "cross-talk“.
Non-magnetic materials.
Fixtures and lifting positions.