We design and produce Z stages with ultrahigh precision, ultrahigh vacuum and high load that match your requirements with regards to size, accuracy, repeatability, resolution, straightness, load capacity and vacuum compatibility.

Throughout the years, we have made many customized Z stages. One of them is the block elevator that has a high accuracy and a high load capacity and is the workhorse Z stage in many larger diffractometers. Another is the center elevator that fits into the center
of the rotation stages which leaves only the two flanges as the height in the compressed position.

Typical examples of specifications:

Key Facts of Custom Linear Stages
Range From 1-200 mm
Accuracy 1-2 µm
Resolution <0.1 µm
Repeatability <0.5 µm
Straightness <50 µrad

We are able to design and produce the specific stages that will suit your requirements.

You will find more details about the individual stages by clicking on the individual stages in the menu to your left.