IB-C180-HV is the largest standard slit system in our product range. It is based on a modified version of our IB-C80-HV. Similar to our other vacuum slit systems it is guaranteed to operate smoothly down to 1E-5 mbar. 
It features four individually movable blades providing a large 180 mm x 180 mm aperture. Special care has been taken to insure that the forces generated by the vacuum do not adversely affect the operation and precision of the blade motion.

Please contact sales@jjxray.dk for further information on IB-C180-HV.

Key Facts of IB-C180-HV
Aperture size Maximum: 180 mm x 180 mm
Minimum: -5 mm x -5 mm
Blades are 105 mm wide (not fully overlapping)
Resolution 2.5 µm per full step
Accuracy 5 micron over full range with internal linear encoders
Vacuum O-ring sealed, high vacuum 10-5 mbar, low outgassing materials
Mechanical dimension 430 mm x 430 mm x 118 mm (housing only)
504 mm x 504 mm x 114 mm (with motors)
Common options Blade options: Up to 15 mm.
Motors: Custom high resolution stepping motors, including IMS motors
Encoders: Back-axle rotary encoders or internal Renishaw linear encoders
Connectors: Adaptors to other flanges can be provided
Internal wiring of Kapton or wiring with Teflon insulation