Vacuum Slits

The JJ X-RAY vacuum slit systems are guaranteed to operate smoothly down to 1E-5 mbar. Depending on the exact nature of your system and the location of the slit system and with respect to the pump and the gauge, you may be able to measure as low as 1E-7 mbar with our vacuum slits incorporated in your system. For even better vacuum, please take a look at our UHV slits
Our vacuum slit systems differ in the following ways:
• How apertures are formed (four individual blades (IB) or coordinated  
  blades (AT) 
• The size of the aperture
• The body size of the slit system
Regardless of which you choose, you will always get: 
• Micron or sub-micron resolution 
• Micron repeatability and accuracy 
• High reliability and low maintenance
  (we rarely see these sent back for repair) 
If you need to insert your slit system inside a larger vacuum chamber, we offer a high vacuum version of our IB-C50-AIR prepared for 10E-7 mbar or more depending on the chosen material options (UHV-rated materials). Read more about vacuum properties here or contact for more information. 
For more details, please click on the individual vacuum slit systems in the menu to your left. And in our slit catalogue, you can have a quick overview of the large variety of JJ slit systems.