Two Laue Diamond Monochromator Stations at LS-CAT (21-ID) at APS, Argonne National Laboratory, USA

In 2007 JJ X-Ray successfully installed two diamond laue monochromators stations with beryllium lens focusing optics for focusing the beam onto the sample at the LS-CAT (21-ID) at APS, Argonne National Laboratory, USA.

In 2006 The Life Sciences Collaborative Access Team (LS-CAT) at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) under Argonne National Laboratory placed an order with JJ X-Ray for the design, construction, delivery and installation of two single wavelength stations for macro molecular experiments. Both stations will conduct SAD experiments at the selenium edge (12.668 keV).

JJ X-Ray had previously worked intensively with diamond crystal based optics and beryllium lenses, for example at the Cassiopeia Beamline at MAX-lab, Sweden, and could thus bring the knowledge into this project.

At the time of the contract award, only the conceptual ideas of the beamlines were given, and the design phases included the analytical x-ray optics calculations for determining the optical design of the beamlines. The outcome was a design based on a (100)-normal diamond crystal  using the (111) Bragg reflection followed by 6-7 parabolic beryllium focusing lenses providing a focused beam of 50µm x 70µm with 1x1012 ph/s and a resolution of 2x10-4 at a position 10 m downstream of the monochromator diamond crystal.

The LS-CAT project was an ideal type of project for JJ X-Ray as it involved a lot of x-ray physics and engineering development. This gave us the opportunity to contribute with our profound experience and knowhow at an early stage of the design. The project was installed in record time, within only 20 days from the empty optics hutches to the fully installed beamline delivering a focused beam to the two end stations.

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