Large Offset Double Crystal Monochromator (LODCM)

In 2011 JJ X-Ray successfully installed two identical LODCM’s at the LCLS at SLAC National Accelerator Center, USA.

The systems have 24 in-vacuum motions with extremely high precision and stability and all compatible with UHV (10-9mbar). They are the first of their kind in the world, equipped with various intelligent beam diagnostic features for beam characterization and alignment.

The systems were developed and designed by our in-house experienced physicists and engineers and assembled and tested at JJ X-Ray’s clean room facility.

The project followed our standard scheme for large projects.

After successful factory acceptance tests, the systems were installed in the experimental hutch and tunnel of the LCLS by JJ X-Ray with excellent assistance from local personnel.

Both systems were fully installed and site acceptance tested within 10 days from the unloading of the transport cradles. In that short amount of time two fully operating systems with motors running and vacuum were established.

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