Please, find below a list of the latest news stories from JJ X-Ray:

September 2019: Single Crystal Diamond Compound Refractive Lenses are available now! Please see our section on Diamond CRL´s

Seminar on Single Crystal Diamond Compound Refractive Lenses and CRL Transfocators: October 2, 2018 

Christian Mammen, CEO of JJ X-Ray, will present our latest product development: A diamond refractive lens for use in CRL systems. 

He will present the diamond at a seminar at Argonne National Laboratory October 2 at 1:30 PM. For more information, please see the abstract.

Please contact Christian Mammen directly in order to set up a meeting during his one week visit.

European XFEL was inaugurated 1 September 2017. Later this month, it will open for the first users. 

JJ X-Ray is the supplier of one of the beamlines: FXE (Femtosecond X-ray Experiments). It will be used for time-resolved investigations of the dynamics of solids, liquids, gases.

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May 26, 2016:

May 26, 2016, we move to larger facilities. Our new address will be: JJ X-Ray, Scion DTU, Dr. Neergaards Vej 5D, DK-2970 Hoersholm

August 6-7, 2013: JJ X-Ray has been testing single crystal blades at Petra III, P10

After analysing the interesting observations, we will publish our conclusions on this website. For your information, single crystal blades are part of our selection of accessories for the JJ X-Ray slit systems. Please contact us for further information on this issue.

December 18, 2012: JJ X-Ray wins the biggest contract in the history of the company

By the end of 2012, JJ X-Ray won the biggest contract in the history of the company together with the Technical University of Denmark: For the fastest x-ray instrumentation in the world - the European X-ray Free Electron Laser (European XFEL) – JJ X-ray will be developing, producing and implementing one out of six beamlines. The instrumentation facility is expected to be up and running by 2015.

August 30, 2012: JJ X-Ray is among the supplier candidate for the European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund

JJ X-Ray is among the supplier candidates for the European Spallation Source in Lund, Sweden – “The Biggest Microscope in the World” for scientific research in nanotechnology, healthcare science and geology e.g. stem cells and plastic. The instrumentation facility is expected to be up and running by 2025.

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