Mechanical Engineer for Instrument Development

At JJ X-Ray, we share a passion for developing mechanical instruments that will facilitate ground-breaking research results in synchrotron radiation and neutron scattering communities all over the world. We are always looking for talented individuals who will join us in this effort and bring new ways of thinking to our company.

The Position

You will be part of a team of highly skilled and innovative engineers, physicists and technicians responsible for the development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation. Over the years, our product portfolio has expanded significantly in close collaboration with our expert customers and through our own R&D projects. You will have an important role in this development including:  

  • Mechanical design and construction of instruments with extremely fine tolerances and motions with nano-scale resolution as well as moving mechanics under extreme conditions such as ultra high vacuum, high head load and radiation environments
  • Project contributor throughout the project from public tenders to design and manufacturing, test and delivery
  • Direct communication with customers through design meetings and through writing of technical reports and documentation


  • A Master Degree or Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, physics or similar
  • Profound experience with Autodesk Inventor or similar 3D design program
  • Experience with the design of moving mechanical systems
  • Confident with solid mechanics and thermo dynamics, preferably with knowledge of ANSYS or COMSOL Multiphysics
  • Experience with Finite Element Methods, both mechanical and thermal, preferably also with vibrations
  • Experience with technical report writing in English at a high level
  • Experience with project management
  • Coordination and planning capacities as well as sense for details

On the personal level, we expect that you are excited about working with advanced mechanical systems in the forefront of the technical development and that you master complex constructions and processes. In addition to this, you strive for high quality, take responsibility for the process and work hard to meet deadlines.

The external company language is English so a proficiency in written and spoken English is required. The internal language is both Danish and English, so there is no requirement to master Danish.

For the right applicant, this is an extremely exciting position with possibilities for both professional and personal development.

About the Company

J X-Ray is a Scandinavian company situated near Denmark´s capital Copenhagen. Since 1995, we have developed highly specialized components and assemblies for scientific x-ray, synchrotron radiation and neutron instrumentation. This includes micro- or even nano-precision moving mechanics under extreme conditions such as ultrahigh vacuum, high head load and radiation environments.

Please send your written application to:

Teknik Bureauet ApS
Klampenborgvej 237, 4. sal 
2800 Kgs.
Att: Bill René Hansen 

You are welcome to contact Bill René Hansen at: +45 2026 0225 or +45 4444 0225.

Interviews are held continuously so please send your application as soon as possible.

As a growing company, we are always interested in hearing from highly talented people who would like to contribute to – and take part in our success.

Our aims are high, and so are the expectations to our prospective employees: In general we look for people with a great sense of detail and the ability to identify new solutions and possibilities. A thorough technical knowledge, creative skills and a good sense of quality would also be required from our future employees.

In return, JJ X-Ray offers a dynamic, challenging and flexible working environment in a relaxed atmosphere. We trust our employees with a high degree of freedom to plan their own work and expect, that they will do so responsibly and meet agreed goals.

When we do not have any open positions, you are always welcome to send an unsolicited application along with your CV to Christian Bjerg Mammen.

To get familiar with our x-ray and neutron instrumentation products, please take a look at our product portfolio.

To get to know us better, please read our philosophy or contact us directly.