JJ X-RAY is a Danish company that develops, designs and produces highly specialized components and assemblies for scientific x-ray, synchrotron radiation and neutron instrumentation.

We are widely known for our high precision and durable JJ X-Ray slits and collimators. Our standard component portfolio is constantly expanding. At present, it also includes:

  • Compound refractive lens (CRL) systems
  • Spectrometers
  • Customized positioning
  • Complete beamline solutions (including Attenuators, Beam Imaging Units, Large Offset Double Crystal Monochromators and End Stations)
  • Compact UHV slits

We look forward to, continuously, providing scientists and engineers around the world with high performance instrumentation and comprehensive counseling.

Under Products you will find a list of our present standard products, and you will also be able to find examples of the some of our more famous customized products. 

Updated 8 October 2018