CRL-UHV – Cooled

The CRL-UHV is a cooled Compound Refractive Lens system for high heat load Ultra-High Vacuum applications which is the latest example of the incorporation of publicly developed technology with JJ X-Ray implementation.

While the motion control is exclusively designed by JJ X-Ray, the lens-cooling system has been developed and tested extensively at ESRF. It has an operational track record of over five years in high heat-load undulator environments at the Troika beamline, ID-10-A.

At this beamline, the CRL is run as an upfront optic in the white beam. In this position, it collimates or gently focuses the beam. The resulting flux is on the order of 10-12 times larger than without the CRL. It is thus employed about 75% of the operation time, being taken out only when radiation damage to the sample is an issue.

In spite of the upfront position, that it was designed for, it works equally well in intermediate distances for focusing applications on the scale of 3 to 15 meters.

The present limitation is the lens-holder depth which presently only allows for a maximum of six lenses. If needed, a small alteration of the existing design could provide room for a total of up to 10 lenses.

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